Young Marketer of Tomorrow

fb_YMT01The inaugural Young Marketer of Tomorrow Contest reached a successful conclusion on Mar 15, 2017. Following a semi-final in the morning, 6 finalists were shortlisted to compete for champion in the afternoon. Our premium partner Emperor Group was impressed by the live presentations from all participants.

Congratulations to the winners~!

“The Young Marketer of Tomorrow Contest was a new and exciting experience for all of us.  It’s an opportunity for us to showcase our ideas, it was also an opportunity for us to learn from peers and professionals.” – Team KIM, champion

“The contest was exciting and challenging! We got limited time to develop our whole campaign idea, from semi-final to the final stage, all happened in just a few hours time!” – Team Artifex, 2nd place winner

“Both of us learnt a lot from it and we did have a great time.” – Team AA, 3rd place winner

“The Contest was an exceptional experience as it was our first time participating in a case competition.” – Team The Incredibles, finalist